Nutrition, fitness, health, wellness and lifestyle consultant. Creator of delicious healthy recipes for those with dietary restrictions. Sharing love and insights to make life amazing.

Julie was created out of my love and passion for food and health. I suffered from colitis and have worked extremely hard over the past seven years to enhance my health status through a healthy lifestyle. This included a diet of whole foods, learning the joy of cooking and educating myself on the benefits of proper nutrition techniques for digestion and overall wellbeing. I want to help individuals improve digestion, energy and overcome the barriers they face to uncover the healthiest version of themselves. As a Certified Exercise Physiologist, I was able to coach clients to meet their physical goals, however, there was always a missing link. This is where my business idea was truly born. I decided to become a certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and pair this with my Exercise Physiology.


Interested in working together?

Here is a brief summary of the Health and Lifestyle Services I offer:

  • 15 minute call to review your health and the services Julie provides to help determine what may best suit your needs

  • Service and pricing questions

  • No health recommendations

Introductory Consult (Free)

Initial Online Assessment

  • Fully comprehensive health assessment

  • Full consult on action or meal plan

  • 60 minutes

Follow Up Online Appointments

Meal Plan Creation

  • Based on specific needs from assessment or health history and lifestyle forms

  • Include delicious easy to make recipes, designed specifically with health needs and goals in mind

3 month 1:1 coaching

  • Initial Assessment

  • 2 follow ups

  • 2X 15 minute calls each week to track progress, discuss recipes, grocery shopping questions and provide motivation

Lifestyle Review and Consultation

(Consult can be added to any package)

  • Individualized fitness consultations

Group Workshops (minimum of 5 people to run)

  • Specific nutrition topics will be presented to educate and empower individuals to be the healthiest version of themselves

  • Fun night out with friends (Eat new foods, take home new recipes and learn about different health topics).

To set-up an initial assessment, please click and fill out the assessment form.