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Julie's Lime & Paprika SIBO Meatballs

No joke … I make these meatballs every month! They are so versatile. The Lime & Paprika Meatballs can be broken up and sautéed in ghee with pre cooked butternut squash, arugula, chopped tomatoes, diced peppers and shredded zucchini. This makes a very easy lunch, dinner or even breakfast. I also enjoy eating them just as they are with butternut squash fries and a side salad. I have even made a marinara sauce and then used the meatballs for a ‘spaghetti and meatball dinner’. When I was on the SIBO diet, I craved something lavorful and versatile and this is what I came up with. These meatballs are also appropriate for anyone who is on a Low Fodmap diet. My family loves these meatballs. So, they are defiantly not just for those undergoing a specific elimination diet. Have fun with these little delights and if you find other ways to use them tag me at on instagram or comment below so and I can share your creation.  

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