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Magic Cacao Energy Balls

Are you craving chocolate? But, you also want a quick and healthy nutrient dense snack? Don’t worry - I have you covered. These energy balls are not your average energy balls. You don’t need a food processor, you don’t need a million ingredients and they are just magic. The combination of these ingredients makes them taste like a real treat. But...they are packed with healthy fats (almond butter, omega 3 fatty acids from flax and chia seeds) and complex carbohydrates from the oats. These energy balls are a wonderful balance of healthy fats (almond butter chia and flaxseeds), fiber (oats, flaxseeds and chia seeds) and protein (almond butter). This means they will help keep you full and satisfied while you get your chocolate fix. The Magic Cacao Energy Ball recipe uses raw cacao, which is the original form of chocolate. It is packed with magnesium to help with muscle and nerve function.  It also helps stimulate specific neurotransmitters to help enhance our moods.  Oh and did I mention they were super easy? So what are you waiting for? Go get the ingredients, whip them up and enjoy!  

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