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Apple Ginger & Spinach Smoothie

The other day, I decided I needed a good smoothie recipe. Like not an average one … a super yummy but still very healthy smoothie recipe. I haven’t done a lot of experimenting with smoothies in the past as my digestive issues prevented me from using a large variety of ingredients. It was basically just veggies, select variety of fruits and water. 

My usual go-to is a green smoothie with veggies, ginger, lemon, apple and water. This makes it easier to consume large amounts of veggies without my digestive issues flaring up. However, now that my gut is doing so well, I thought I needed to up my smoothie game. 

This smoothie recipe is awesome! It takes fruits and veggies that are readily available to us in Canada or the U.S. and turns them into an extremely tasty breakfast or snack beverage. It is very green when it comes out but don’t let this fool you…it is creamy, flavorful and very refreshing. It is also a nice change up from the traditional berry and spinach smoothie. Added hemp and flaxseeds provide fiber and healthy omega-3 fatty acids benefits. This helps to stay full longer and manage blood sugar levels. If you would like more protein, feel free to increase the amount of hemp seeds or add a scoop of collagen protein. 

Happy Blending!

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