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Thank you for stopping in to learn about my story.

My journey started when I entered University. I moved to Calgary and loved fitness and health, therefore a Kinesiology degree is where I started. I loved it! I enjoyed learning and continue to be fascinated about how the body works.

I ended up transferring to the University of Calgary and was involved in a Strength & Conditioning Practicum where I was fortunate enough to work with some of the top Strength and Physiology Consultants. I eventually worked myself into a role I was extremely passionate about (Carrying out Paralympic Strength and Conditioning programs). After completing my Exercise Physiologist designation, I was also given the opportunity to work in the high performance lab where I helped with testing.

Through this job, I met amazing mentors and athletes. Many of my athletes have overcome barriers that you could not even imagine. I always say the athletes I encountered taught me more than I taught them. We sure had a lot of fun though. I thank all of the athletes I came into contact with, as I am truly thankful for this part of my journey. I was able to travel to Italy, partake in many altitude camps in the USA and even traveled to Iceland to help work with their Paralympic athletes and help educate and work with the physiologist who I look up to immensely. I spoke on many strength and conditioning topics, but what I truly loved was the relationships I created with the coaches. I then spoke to their groups in hope to help inspire them to push their athlete with disabilities to train as athletes and demonstrated what they could do instead of pointing out what they couldn’t do.


During this time, I was working long hours and traveling. I ran into some health challenges and this altered my path. I could not keep up with the travelling and had to step down from my position to focus on my health. In the meantime, I worked casually at a multi disciplinary clinic seeing clients who ranged from athletes to those with diabetes and heart disease (clinical population) and worked with them to improve their well being through exercise.

Back to my health…. I was told I had a digestive disorder and there was not much research on how to help my state other than medications and we wanted to have a family. Desperate for a solution, I worked very hard to educate myself on food and health and how this could impact my ability to have a family. I now have 2 little boys and couldn’t be happier. I have learned that through eating real food, moving our body, mindfulness and addressing our nervous system can truly make positive changes to our health.

Throughout this journey I have graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition as a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant (C.H.N.C) and am in the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and working towards becoming a Culinary Nutrition Expert. I want to use my combination of knowledge and life experience to work with individuals to live their best lives. I want to assist people to enhance their health through nutrition and fitness in a meaningful way. I believe it is important to look at the whole person, as there are so many things (mind and body) that facilitate true change.

I hope I get to opportunity to connect with you.

In health,